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MASHNET Cloud-based Application Hosting...


 MASHNET Cloud-based Application Hosting...  




Features and Benefits of MASHNET Cloud-based Application Hosting...


  • Medisoft Network Professional practice management software
  • Remote access via Secure Remote Desktop Connection via multiple devices and operating systems
  • Includes Software Upgrade Fees
  • Includes off-site backup
  • Local BackUp available (recommended)
  • Per-User Pricing
  • Medisoft data stored in the cloud and secure from hackers
  • One low monthly fee (per user)
  • Fully integrated clearinghouse services


MASHNET Cloud-based Application Hosting features Medisoft Network Professional as its fully hosted 'Software-as-a-Service' Solution.

Full access for making appointments, entering patients, cases, charges and filing claims via MASHNET's Clearinghouse Service provider

partner ABILITY (formerly MD On-Line) is available. 


The Software-as-a-Service solution is especially valuable for practices with multiple locations, practices that use medical billing services or

practices with staff who work from home or other remote locations other than the medical office.  MASHNET provides the very latest version

of Medisoft Network Professional so you never have to buy another upgrade, or pay a software maintenance fee again.  


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