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Medisoft - Software Subscription

Medisoft... Software Subscription Service

Wouldn't it be great if you could amortize the cost of annual Medisoft upgrades over the period of a year at zero interest?

Well, now you can!  MASHNET now offers Medisoft Software Subscription Services, which allow you to pay a low

monthly fee, which amortizes the cost of your upgrade to the next released version.  For example, if you are using

Medisoft v23 and wish to upgrade next year to v24 then you simply inquire as to the monthly fee applicable until the release of

v24.  Pay that fee and when v24 is released you will receive it at no further charge.  Sales tax is calculated into the monthly fee

where applicable.


Want to know more? Contact MASHNET Sales & Support.

To streamline the price quote process please have your current version and serial number available.  


FINE PRINT:  The fee you will pay for the Software Subscription Service is based on the anticipated costof the next release.  The Software Subscription Service may be used to upgrade from single-user
versions to network versions at a higher rate, but does not include multiple user licenses, which are sold separately.  The Software Subscription Service is applicable to Medisoft Advanced or Medisoft
Network Professional only.

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