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MASHNET F.I.S.T. Internet Security Appliance

The MASHNET F.I.S.T. is an Internet Security Appliance with integrated router and an Enterprise Level Firewall.  Designed

to sit at the boundary between the local area network (LAN) and Internet (WAN), the appliance incorporates a host of

features to keep the network secure.  The appliance is available in rack-mount housing (pictured) or free-standing tower.

The latest version of MASHNET software includes the ability to completely block all foreign IP addresses and more than 650 million

U.S.-based IP addresses that are known to be compromised.  The databases that monitor these foreign and U.S.-based IP addresses

and networks is updated every four hours automatically.  A low annual fee for monitoring, maintenance and support for your

MASHNET F.I.S.T. keeps your security appliance remotely monitored with all updates and security patches for the underlying

operating system.


In short, the MASHNET F.I.S.T. Security Appliance has all the best bells and whistles of the high dollar name branded firewalls and

routers at a fraction of the cost. (HINT) This is the same gadget we use at our secure datacenter!


Features and Benefits of MASHNET F.I.S.T. Security Appliance 

  • Client designated access to social networks like Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, eBay, Amazon, etc
  • Includes built-in Clam AntiVirus
  • Blocks ALL Foreign (non-U.S.) IP Addresses from access into the Client's network devices
  • Blocks more than 650 MILLION U.S.-based IP addresses known to be compromised
  • Updates blocked addresses automatically every 4 hours
  • MASHNET Remote Monitoring and System Upgrades included for first year
  • 100% HIPAA, HITECH and PCI Compliant
  • Includes Port Filtering and Port Forwarding
  • Includes NAT (Network Address Translation)
  • Client optional IP Mangling
  • Includes IPSEC and VPN tunneling capabilities



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