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MASHNET Clearinghouse Services - Powered by ABILITY NETWORK

MASHNET Clearinghouse service include unlimited electronic media claims submissions and unlimited Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA).  

It's all secure, it's HIPAA Compliant, it's affordable and it's easy to use and will integrate with any practice management software capable

of producing a HIPAA Compliant batch claims file.


Extensive reporting with 'fix and refile' features right on the web portal, MASHNET's clearinghouse services make it a simple task to track your claims,

respond to rejections and denials and keep your cash flow moving in a positive direction.


Contact MASHNET Sales & Support today to get started on your way to a better clearinghouse experience with MASHNET.

MASHNET Priority Support

Live help desk and technical support when you need it most.


MASHNET Network Security

Is your network secure?


MASHNET Medical Billing Services

You've done the work... now it's time to get paid.


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