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Welcome to MASHNET 


MASHNET is the business name of MISSION Application Services Host, Inc.  MASHNET provides integrated technology services

and solutions to a  variety of private physicians, practices, specialties and other medical professionals, including full service medical

billing services, clearinghouse services, network security, cloud-based application hosting, virtual server hosting and more.


Our services and solutions are focused on your specific needs so that you can keep your focus on patient needs. 


A complete listing of current product and service offerings can be found by clicking the 'off canvas' icon,

which is located to the right of the 'Contact Us' main menu represented by three black horizontal bars. 



MASHNET Priority Support

Live help desk and technical support when you need it most.


MASHNET Network Security

Is your network secure?


MASHNET Medical Billing Services

You've done the work... now it's time to get paid.


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